Gut microbiome linked to cognitive aging

According to a February 22, 2022 Medical News Today report, researchers from the United States analyzed data from a large cross-sectional study of CARDIA, Coronary Artery Risk Development, in Young Adults and found a link between gut microbial composition and cognitive status in middle-aged adults. 

607 stool samples were studied for DNA sequencing of adults across the country with a mean age of 55. The genera Barnesiella, Lachnospiraceae, and Akkermansia were positively associated with at least one of the cognitive tests, while Sutterella was negatively associated with one test. 

Scientists believe that short-chain fatty acids play a part in regulating how the gut and brain interact. Short-chain fatty acids have been associated with protection against vascular dementia and cognitive impairment, according to the Medical News Today article.

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