The average temperature of the human body has been steadily declining for 160 years since the middle of the 19th century, according to Science Alert’s January 30 2023 issue.

Researchers believe there is a correlation between gut bacteria and temperature variations in our body. Microbiology Internist Kale Bongers, from the University of Michigan, says that “any two patients are more than 99 percent identical in their own genomes, while they may have literally 0 percent overlap in their gut bacteria.”

Research on both human sepsis cases and mice studies were led by microbiologist and immunologist Robert Dickson from the University of Michigan, according to the Science Alert report. Across both human and mice studies, “the same family of bacteria seemed to be associated with fluctuations in temperature.”

Bongers hopes further studies can lead to modifying the “gut microbiome specifically to affect body temperature.”

there’s a strong correlation between body temperature and those who survive sepsis infections.

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