To maintain a healthy gut, it begins with the food you eat. With proper health professional support, herbs can be valuable supplements to your daily food diet and medicinal remedies.

While Herbsprout is not in the business of endorsing herbal supplements, Primal Herb’s website provides valuable information/ research about herbs they use in their product which support a healthy gut.

For example, studies confirm that wormwood contains antimicrobial and antifungal properties that keep dangerous bacteria and fungi at bay, such as the well known e. coli and salmonella. Other gut related disorders that could benefit from wormwood are SIBO (or small intestinal bacteria overgrowth), Candida, and Crohn’s disease.

One reason for its efficacy, wormwood contains a powerful ingredient called artemisinin. Studies by Mateon Therapeutics confirmed that artemisinin effectively inhibits COVIC-19 from multiplying, while also having a high safety index. In addition to wormwood, artemisinin is a natural derivative from the Asian herb Artemisia.

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