some scientists think it’s more catastrophic than climate change

There is an increasing consensus among scientists that trillions of bacteria in our gut keep our body functioning properly, and keep us alive. To some scientists, our gut microbes are facing the threat of extinction. A recent film called “The Invisible Extinction” sheds light on the dangers of a disappearing ecosystem in our bodies.

The processed food we eat, antibiotics, and elective C-sections, are driving the destruction of our inner ecology, according to scientists behind the film Dr. Martin Blaser and Dr. Gloria Dominguez- Bello. They claim it is happening even faster than climate change.

One response to this crisis is the Microbiota Vault, which stores tens of thousands of stool samples from healthy people all over the world. Scientists believe this vault could one day be a permanent storage, possibly at the Global Seed Vault in Norway, so that the different species of bacteria are not completely lost.

Numerous trials of using unhealthy gut microbiome through fecal transplants can normalize the microbiome, and can cure a disease.

image source: focused collection

According to Blaser in the People magazine article, an average American child gets almost three courses of antibiotics by the time the child is just two years old; 10 courses of antibiotics by the time they’re 10. The CDC knows the more courses of antibiotics, the more likely a child is to develop illnesses like asthma, allergies, diabetes, obesity and autism. Everyday, people who consume processed foods are inhibiting and damaging the growth of the gut microbes that keep us alive. Our gut microbes thrive with fiber rich foods.

Everyday, scientists are discovering new strains of gut microbiome and their roles in the proper functioning of our minds and bodies. Of course, the ultimate intent of news and information blogs like Herbsprout is to track and get the word out about this innovative field of research.

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