According to the National Institute of Health, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant functions of Zinc-L-carnosine (ZnC) support the maintenance, prevention, and treatment of the gut’s mucosal lining and other epithelial tissues. The research supports its use for gastric ulcers (approved in Japan) and conditions of the upper GI and suggests other applications, particularly for oral mucositis. Several studies report that the PepZin GI™ brand of ZnC restores the gastric lining, but also tissue in other parts of the GI tract (1).

In Japan, H. Ishihama and his team found that ZnC mouth rinse effectively improved oral mucosal injury due to cancer treatments in 423 patients who were experiencing symptoms of oral mucosal injury. ZnC is also used in Japan for the treatment of stomach ulcers. ZnC was proven to be 72% effective among 258 subjects with confirmed stomach ulcers who were treated with 150 mg ZnC per day (1). The Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) organism naturally degrades mucosal tissue in the stomach lining. Excessive growth of this strain can lead to ulcers (2).


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