more on gut microbiome influences on depression

Oct 24, 2022

image source: dreamstime
image source: dreamstime

The influence of genetic variation on the rate of depression ranges from 37% to 48%, showing a strong relation between family history and depression. The gut microbiome can be a promising approach for managing depression.

Gut dysbiosis is associated with major depressive disorder (MDD) by involvement with various aspects of Gut-brain axis (GBA). It promotes neuroinflammation and causes behaviour alteration, according to the September 07, 2022 Science Direct report. 

There are three diet metabolites – kynurenine, tryptophan, and propionic acid – that greatly influence the activities of the gut microbiome and the deficiencies of which can contribute to depression. Researchers found that depression disorder also shows gut-brain dysregulation, an increase in inflammatory cytokines in the blood of depressive patients, dysregulation in fatty acid metabolism, neuropeptide, gut hormone and neurotransmitter synthesis, and abnormal immune system activation, as reported by Science Direct. 

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